IE2 - Investing in Educational Excellence

What is an Investing in Educational Excellence (IE²) Partnership Contract?

An Investing in Educational Excellence (IE²) partnership is a performance contract between the State Board of Education and school districts that provides districts with flexibility from specific education laws in return for increased academic accountability. The contract includes the accountability goals required for each school, the flexibility granted by the state, and the consequences imposed for schools that do not reach their accountability goals. The Investing in Educational Excellence (IE²) partnership contract will be in place for seven years. The first year, 2015-16, baseline data will be collected from each school in the District. During the following five years, accountability goals will be measured annually and reported to the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement. Consequences will be imposed during the seventh year if accountability goals are not met. The College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) is the accountability tool the state will use to measure progress. Each school in the District will be required to increase their CCRPI score annually to meet accountability targets.


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